SG50 – Find out about Singapore District 17 – Changi, Loyang

Singapore District 17 – Changi, Flora, Loyang

Popularly known as the place where Singapore’s Changi International Airport is situated, District 17 encompasses Changi and Loyang. This district also marries old and new elements – the historical remnants of World War II and the modern façade of Singapore’s aerospace industry.

Known as Tanjung Rusa in the 1600s, Changi was later renamed Tanjung Changi in the 1800s. Changi is actually a name of a plant that was grown in the area. A perfect and idyllic place for picnics, Changi is often the preferred place for a weekend family picnic.

In the past, the British cleared the area to build military barracks, administrative quarters, an airbase, a hospital in 1926 and the Changi Prison in 1936. These historical buildings still exist today.

Historical places of interest in Changi include Changi Chapel and Museum, Changi Prison and Changi Hospital. These places date back to World War II. Other places of interest include the Changi Exhibition Centre where the Singapore Airshow is held annually and Changi Village.

Between Changi and Pasir Ris lies Loyang, a small residential and industrial area. It is also known as Kampong Loyang. While the origin of the name “Loyang” is unknown, this name is a variation of “Luo Yang”, a city in China.

At Loyang, there is a unique temple, the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple, which houses Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist deities and a Muslim shrine in one compound.

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